Poetry is a naked woman, a naked man, and the distance between them.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

The Debutants

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The Debutants

I work as a photographer and videographer and there are definitely some dry spells over the summer as the holidays are far away and school photos are a distant thought. Needless to say, I was really excited when my buddy Randy texted me about a possible job filming his incredibly wealthy boss’s daughter’s birthday party. It was to be a grand affair, thirty five girls, barely out of hightschool, celebrating the 18th birthday of Mr. Gage’s daughter Tina, at the family’s sprawling mansion on the beach.

Randy and I arrived an hour early to set up. Randy works full time for Mr.Gage’s landscaping business, but is always looking to pick up extra hours with me. He helps me cart around and set up all my equipment. I usually bring multiple cameras, especially when shooting an event video like the one at Tina Gage’s birthday party. We set the cameras up around the huge patio and pool where the party would be held. I would also carry a hand held camera. Five cameras in total would shoot all angles of the event, which I would later edit to stream into one perfect film.

The guests started arriving and things were looking good. These girls were smoking hot, with amazing bodies, in short little party dresses. I did not see one girl I would not have taken into Mr.Gage’s pool house for a quick fuck and I was having a hard time keeping my hard on to myself. Randy kept smiling at me as if to say “thanks buddy”. This was one job we’d never forget!

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, the birthday girl made her appearance. Tina Gage was wearing a tiny, strapless black mini dress that barely hid her ass. Her long brown hair framed a perfect face. Tina’s generous tits bounced up and down as she skipped down the patio stairs, smiling and waving at all of her friends. I was careful to zoom in on Tina’s face and not her body, no matter how tempting it was, I needed to remain professional and not let my hard cock get the best of me!

The party was just getting started. maxresdefaultDrinks began to flow and the music played. Some of the girls began wiggling their asses to the music, and I made sure to get lots of footage of their playful dancing. As the night drew later, more drinks were had and these girls began to get really loud and silly. It was really nice to see them dancing up close to one another in their tight little dresses, fun was certainly being had by all.

Slowly, the guests began to leave. It wasn’t long before Tina and her friend Melissa were the only girls left. Mr.Gage gave his daughter a big hug and aplogized for having to leave, but he needed to meet with a client he said. Mr.Gage approached me with an envelope and thanked me for giving so much time to his daughter’s party and I let him know I would be in touch as soon as the video was complete in a week’s time. As Mr.Gage left, Randy and I began packing up my equipment.

“Hi there. Did you want to stay a little while and help me celebrate?” I was crouched over, zipping one of my tripods into it’s case and I nearly fell over when I looked up to see Tina bent down towards, practically shoving her tits into my face. How could I say no?

It wasn’t long before Randy and I were relaxing on the chaise lounges with drinks in hand. Tina and Melissa each sat on high stools by the bar. Both of their skirts were so short that I could almost see their panties. I caught Randy staring at Melissa’s crotch a couple of times. I could hardly believe it when I saw her spread her legs wide open. She was wearing a skimpy thong that barely covered her pussy. I could see that it was totally shaved bald. When I looked over at Randy, he was now staring right between Melissa’s legs.

Tina caught sight of what was going on and reached over to Melissa. Tina put her hand on Melissa’s thigh and said “I think we’d all like a better look at your pussy, Melissa. Why don’t you put your legs up here on mine?” Tina spread her knees apart and lifted Melissa’s legs on top of her thighs so Tina was spread wide open in front of her. “Can someone please take of Melissa’s panties?” Randy happily obliged and stood beside them, looking straight down at Melissa’s bare pussy. “Randy, can you please ask your photographer friend to get his camera out. I think I’d like some pictures of Melissa’s beautiful pussy”.

Randy turned to me, but I was already setting up my camera, zooming in on Melissa’s cunt. Tina put a finger inside of Melissa then lifted it to her mouth for a taste. “Delicious, Melissa. Randy would you like a taste?” Randy put a hand on each of Melissa’s thighs and buried his face between her legs. “Oh Randy, that looks tasty. Let me show you how girls like to eat pussy ok?” Tina said. Randy looked even more excited at Melissa pushed his head away and Tina moved in, licking and sucking on Melissa’s swollen, pink pussy lips.

Tina lifted her head towards me, her mouth glistening with Melissa’s beautiful pussy juice and smiled.4240557465_66826febc5_b “Are you getting all of this?” she asked as she reached out towards Randy’s crotch and unbuttoned his jeans. Tina pulled Randy’s hard cock out of his pants and began jerking it. She then looked at me and said “I need to have Randy’s cock in my mouth and I want you to film it.” I zoomed up close on Tina’s face as she brought Randy’s cock up against Melissa’s dripping wet pussy and began licking and playing with them both at the same time.

“Now Melissa, I’d like to see you over on the chaise lounge there. On your hands and knees. I want Randy behind you with his cock against your ass.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched Melissa bend over on all fours, Randy kneeling behind her and Tina rubbing Melissa’s pussy and asshole with her fingers. When Melissa’s ass looked nice and wet, Tina grabbed Randy’s cock and moved it into Melissa’s tight hole.

“Are you getting all of this?” She asked me. I eagerly nodded and moved my camera right in on the scene, my zoom lens just inches from Melissa’s hole, filming as Randy’s cock pushed it’s way inside. Melissa squirmed a bit and cried out as the cock filled up her hole. Randy began thrusting and Melissa’s cries became steady moans, she was really enjoying this and I was getting it all on tape.

“Can you set that camera on a tripod and bring your hand held camera over here?” Tina asked. She was sitting in front of Melissa, dress on the floor, legs wide open.

“Sure” I said, “Just give me a minute here”.

I quickly mounted the camera I was using on the tripod, aimed right at Melissa’s ass, and began searching for my mini hand held.

I watched Tina play with her pussy right in front of Melissa’s face. Melissa’s tongue flicked a few times at Tina’s lips. I needed to get this camera rolling, and fast…

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Exchange Student

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Exchange Student

Dot, along with the rest of her family, was much too busy
with survival in post-war Germany. Social amenities for
young teenagers were non-existent. Life for a mischiveous
and playful girl-woman was nonetheless exciting. But sexual
awareness had not
played a large part in this young girl’s life till, much to
her surprise, she learned she was to be an exchange student
for the following school year.

Paris, France. Dot’s father had
made the arrangements. She was sort of looking forward to
to new surroundings and new adventures. Dot took the overnight train from Wiesbaden, Germany

to Paris and her host family picked her up at the train station.
They seemed pleasant enough…..the parents, Claudia and
Jean, were thirty-something. A typical French family, with three
teenagers, they lived in a small but
homey flat. The oldest, Charlize, was pretty and dark-haired like her mother. She was
eighteen and, being the only girl, did not have to share her bedroom with her
younger, male siblings. One of her younger brothers was to reside with Dot’s family
at the same time. For the following year though, Charli would
be sharing her bed with the tall, slim German girl she later
nicknamed Dot.


Now that they had met, Charlize was looking
forward to her new friendship. Charlize was promiscuous, but not
necessarily so by European standards. At her age she
knew just about all she had to know about sex but little experience. She had a
good teacher…..her mother.

Living in close quarters did
not allow for much privacy around the house. Seeing family
members naked was pretty much unavoidable and they thought
nothing of it. They had become accustomed to catching
their parents making love. Charli’s parents, never
embarrassed and never delayed their pleasure, just
shooed the children from their bedroom.

Charlize and Dot got along famously. Called Charli for short, she was an
outgoing, fun-loving teenager. Dot, two years younger
and impressionalble, wanted to be just like her. Charli was
so worldly…..so Parisian. And she was beautiful. A marvelous body
that Dot loved to look at and didn’t know or care why. They
filched Jean’s cigarettes and would sneak off to be alone,
smoke and talk. Charli’s parents did not approve of their
children smoking. Wine however was plentiful from
breakfast to supper. Every evening at bed time Dot would
climb into a warm featherbed in a haze of red wine and
Charli. And, Charli’s pillow talk about her young sexual
experiences was opening a whole new world for Dot. Charli
told Dot about the young men she jerked off but wouldn’t
suck and about the ones she allowed in her panties but
wouldn’t fuck. And about what she had seen Claudia and
Jean do on numerous occasions, describing Jean’s penus as it penetrated
Claudia…..several different places. Sometimes Charli
would spy on her seemingly unaware parents and then run
quickly back to her bed to masturbate furiously.

Claudia, on the other hand,
couldn’t resist watching her daughter hiding in the darkend hallway
spying on their lovemaking.
Although she had taught Charli to masturbate properly,
thereafter Claudia gave her all the privacy she needed.
Charli loved to play with her pussy. Since Charlize freely discussed
sex with her mother, Claudia new about her limited experience and that she
was still a virgin. And no experience
with other girls. Yet. Charlizee was still exploring the
wonders of a stiff cock.

Cuddled up together every night was lovely. Inevitably, the girls began to
explore each other. Young Charli was thinking that she was
indeed fortunate to have this beautiful
blonde German girl all to herself and in her bed. This
would be new to both of them. They had taken to playfully feeling and
licking each other’s young, not fully developed breasts.
Charli would invariably end up fingering her pubes. Dot
watched in the dim light and was enthralled. Dot yearned
to touch Charli’s pussy. One night Dot placed her hand on
Charli’s busy fingers then positioned her own hand at her
pussy to simulate what Charli was doing. Charli thought,
“Now, we’re getting somewhere!” It was her opening to
explore Dot’s opening.

“Look, dummy, like this,” said Charli reaching for Dot’s
crotch. Charli slipped her index finger between her
friend’s labia.

“Ooooooh, Dot, you’re juicy!” Charli’s
finger was doing something that Dot had never imagined was
possible. She was about to experience her first orgasm.
Charli removed her fingers from the young blond’s pussy to
reposition herself and get comfortable for her task.

“No! Don’t stop, Charli,” Dot whispered as she wrapped
her arms around Charli’s neck to pull her back. “It’s
wonderful, please do it some more!” Charli pushed Dot back
down on the bed then placed her head under her friend’s
knees better to see Dot’s almost hairless pussy. A very
fine, almost white down sparsley covered Dot’s young, firm
mons venerus. Charli resumed her
diddling. Spreading Dot’s labia with one hand she
surrounded her clit with index and middle fingers. She
made small, slow circles at first. Just like her mother
taught her.

“She’s learned her lessons well,” thought Claudia standing
in the darkened hallway. She and
Jean had gotten used to the girlish cavorting every
evening. This particular night Claudia had crept down the
hallway to Charli’s bedroom and could see her daughter and
Dot in the moonlight from the window. She had already
sucked-off her husband but a little too much dinner wine put
him to sleep quickly. Claudia was left to her own fingers.
While she was concentrating on an old fantasy she could
hear the girls whispering and moving about on their bed.
She wanted to see.

Claudia’s bisexual experiences were many. Jean was aware
and didn’t mind his wife’s occasional liaisons with her
friends. He enjoyed her trysts, his trysts, their trysts.
Claudia liked young girls. Claudia was about to enjoy her
daughter’s good fortune also.

I guess this lady was somewhat liberated. However,
European sexual views have a whole different perspective.
Claudia loved to eat pussy, young pussy. Well, she liked to
suck cock too. Claudia was a very oral person. She had gone down on her own daughter while

teaching her the finer points of self-pleasure for instructional purposes.
Claudia, with her fingers slowing massaging her clit was
jolted out of her reverie.

“Ch-Charliiiiize!” Dot thought she would wake the house.
Then almost breathless, whispered, “Charli, I’m cumming.” Dot
had never heard the term, but at that moment she
knew that’s what was happening to her. She was going to
cum. Charli’s finger turned the trick. She was still
trembling, “I want to do you, Charli,” then she kissed her.
Charli knew about kisses, french kisses. Charli first
licked Dot’s lips then inserted her tongue in her friend’s
mouth. Dot eagerly reciprocated. She again felt Charli’s
fingers squeezing and tugging at her nipples while they
kissed then felt a warm mouth at her pussy. Charli’s
mouth? She was thoroughly enjoying the kiss, Charli’s soft
hands gently pinching her nipples and the wonderful
mouthing she
was receiving at the same time. Charli and Dot broke the
kiss simultaneously and looked down to see Claudia
skillfully bringing Dot’s hips back to a quivering,
involuntary humping mass. Dot felt like she was watching
some other girl, somebody else, getting her young pussy
thoroughly bathed by Claudia’s mouth. Dot was
surrounded by wonderful, warm, sensual pleasure. Her body was quaking, trembling, shivering,

her arms
tightly around Charli’s neck sucking on her lover’s tongue.
But, she was on a cloud…..soft, warm, secure. And, she
didn’t want to get off. But she did.

Dot wondered at the taste of her own juices on Claudia’s

lips when the older woman kissed her and said, “I want to
teach you girls how to have pleasure with another woman.” Charli
shrieked with anticipation…..and woke Jean in the other bedroom. Claudia
instructed the girls to, “Lie down head to foot on your
sides. Rest your heads on each other’s thighs. Pretend that
warm, loving flesh before you is your own, then make it
feel good. Claudia knew both girls would forever love the
taste of another woman.

With outstretched arms, Claudia’s fingers were gently massaging both girl’s
pussies as they tentatively lapped at each other. She felt their tongues on her
fingers trying to get past.
Then she felt Jean’s hard cock against her face. It was making her
cheek wet. She opened her mouth and turned her face. His
hand went to the back of her head. Jean watched the girls
intently, slowly fucking his wife’s mouth. Charli became
aware of her father and what he was doing to Claudia. She
had witnessed this before.

Jean was not allowed to fuck Dot and he was not one to fuck his own
daughter. Claudia was adamant about returning damaged
goods. Poor Jean. However, Claudia took the opportunity
and the rest of the year to show the girls how to suck cock. Poor

Dot went home still a virgin, so to speak. She had found
herself in more ways than one. She had learned to eat pussy
and suck cock from one of the best.

Dot began an apprentice job at a local sekt distillery. In
France it’s champagne. In Germany, it’s sekt. It was
there she found Goody. Gudrun. Too hard to say, we called her
Goody, and she was Dot’s best friend when I met them. After
many years, I still remember the
aroma of Goody’s cunt in my face, looking straight up past her belly,
John’s dick in her mouth and Dot’s arms encircling her from behind, hands
and fingers massaging Goody’s wonderful breasts from behind.

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The Weird Business Trip

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The Weird Business Trip

I had a chance to make a presentation in Atlanta. I was up against 2 other ad agencies. The stakes were high, I really needed this account. We drove down from Chattanooga and got there around 9 in the evening. We drove up the long drive way, we were both in awe of the grounds and home. We rang the doorbell and the perspective client let us in and asked a servant to take our luggage up to our room.

From the moment he laid eyes on Deseriee I could tell something was going on. He kept staring at her, not in a lascivious way, but a shocked way. Let me describe my wife. Deseriee is an extremely intelligent woman. She is the head of Personal Banking at a large bank. Many would think her a large woman. But she is very sexy to me. She has long blonde hair, an hour glass figure. And, she has lovely hands and nails and very sexy feet. She has a high wattage smile and she is very likable with her Southern, charming personality.

The client, Mr. Worthingon, (but he wanted us to call him William) took us into his huge study which ran along the entire length of the house in back.

All the walls were filled with books and it looked just like a gentlemen’s club in the room. The mahogany-paneled walls were awesome. He poured us all a brandy then took Dee to the mantle and handed her a photo in a sterling silver frame.

I apologize for staring at you, I hope I did not make you feel uncomfortable. This is my wife who passed away 5 years ago. I looked down to the photo and the person in the picture looked exactly like Dee. We both looked at one another in shock. I thought I was looking at a photo of my wife, even the hair was the same color and style. They were shaped exactly alike.

We all agreed that everyone must have a twin and left it at that. We had an enjoyable conversation and a couple more brandies. It was late by then so we decided to head up to our room. William gave Dee a tour of the mansion which he had restored and I looked over the library while they were gone. On the way up to our room, it was actually a suite, he pointed out a large bathroom with a sunken tub. He said that the bathroom in our room was equipped only with a walk in shower. He said she was welcome to use it if she liked either night of our visit.

I settled on to the sofa and got my lap top out to go over my presentation for in the morning. I was presenting to William and two Executive Vice Presidents and I wanted everything to go well. Dee was rummaging around in the bedroom. I looked up and she took the lap top out of my hands and straddled my knees. She gave me one of those extraordinary kisses of hers where our tongues go lightly back and forth. I felt her breath on my ear. “I’m going to take advantage of that bathroom. I want you to finish up and be ready for me when I return. I’m really horny. A good fuck will get you relaxed and ready for the presentation tomorrow.” She was wearing a sheer gown and tall pumps and she raised up and pulled her panties aside and slid two fingers inside her cunt.

Then she rubbed her fingers over my lips and moustache. “I want you to think about that pussy while I’m gone.” Then put her fingers back and had me suck her sweet pussy juice. She leaned down and I could feel her tongue
against my ear. “I think I want to be in charge tonight” she whispered in a husky voice. She crawled off my lap and walked to the door, but she stopped at the door, bent slightly at the waist and said, “get over here and kiss my ass.”

She raised that gown up and I could see that black thong stretched between those huge white ass cheeks. “Kiss that big white ass, baby,” she demanded. I ran my hands up her legs and squeezed her and then began licking her cheeks and kissing them. I could not help myself, I rubbed my face over that magnificent ass. “That’s it show me how much you adore my ass.” She cooed.

She left and headed down to the larger bath room. I could taste and smell her pussy on my face. Home-Decoration-Custom-Sexy-Shower-Curtain-Bathroom-Waterproof-Fabric-CurtainsI walked to the bathroom to take a shower and I saw that she had left some lingerie on the bed for me to wear for her. My cock started to stiffen. After my shower, I did not wash my face, though, I ran my finger tips over the lingerie. She had left a pair of white fishnet stockings, a red satin garterbelt, red panties and a short red gown. And, a pair of strappy red heels. I felt my cock tighten.

Dee and I had an extraordinary sex life. We did a lot of role play, but one of the things she loved was being a dominatrix, bossing me around. I had to admit I liked it also. There was no pain involved, just her being bitchy and taking control. I put the garter belt on first the pulled up the stockings and snapped them in place. My cock was rigid. I slid into the panties but I could feel my dick straining against it. I slid into the heels and wrapped them around my ankles. Then I topped it off with the short down. I felt like an idiot but I knew it would turn Dee on.

What happened then was very, very unusual. Dee has told me the story many times and every time it makes me hard and stiff. So, I will have to tell you what happened to her in the bathroom. She walked down the hall and gently pushed open the bathroom door. The room was huge and it had a large sunken tub. Dee put in her vanilla bubble bath and waited on it to fill. She began laying out the outfit she wanted to wear for me.

She had brought a pair of tall black leather boots that came up over her knees, high on her thighs. 2CA6971D00000578-3245734-image-a-163_1442976760300She laid out her black satin bustier, panties and a black velvet choker. She had also brought a black wig cut in a bob. She laid out her make up and waited for the tub to fill. There were candles all around the bathroom so she lit them and turned off the lights. She stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself. She removed the top and began to stroke and caress her huge 40 D tits. She removed her panties and ran her fingertips through her pussy lips. Finally, she got completely undressed and slid into the tub. She said she could hardly keep her fingers off her clit she was so turned on.

She moved up and sat on the edge of the marble tub and shaved her pussy. She uses a razor and a special cream to get it really smooth for me. She rinsed and wrapped a towel around herself. She then put on her wig and make up. Thick blue eye shadow, heavy mascara, lined lips and thick red lip stick with a gloss over coat. She loves making herself look like a whore for me. She was about to take off the towel when she thought she saw movement from an adjoining door.

She jumped up and pulled the door open and my perspective client was there on his knees with his hand wrapped around his cock. She said she was speechless. She was in shock. She was naive, but she had never expected this.
She told me she looked down at him and he was in shock also. He started stammering out apologies and covering himself with his robe. She said her heart was pounding out of her chest.

She started chewing him out and yelling at him, but then she realized that he had the power to change our financial situation so she calmed herself down quickly. Then she did what any woman would do, she started crying. William was beside himself with shame and embarrassment. He tried to comfort her. He told her that they had already decided to give me the contract so he would just leave and no one had to know about the debacle.

Dee told me that she had no idea why, but she removed the towel and stood there while he stared at her. “Is this what you were hoping to see?” She said her knees were shaking and her heart was pounding. But it turned her on the way he was devouring her with his eyes. He grabbed her and pulled her to him and kissed her hard on the mouth. Both were shocked again.

She could feel his cock against her stomach hard and strong. Finally they pulled away from one another and looked at one another. Dee said she felt like she was another woman, she had no control, she was so horny she could not help herself. “Do you want to fuck me?” She asked. She said his jaw dropped. “Yes!” he yelled. “Do you want to help me get dressed?” “Yes” he replied. “Did your wife let you help her dress?” “Yes.” He said as he hung his head down. “That’s okay, we look like we could have been twins and I want to give you a night with her again.” She said he went wild then, he could not believe it.

“What do you have in mind?” He asked. “My husband’s fantasy has always been to watch another man fuck me, you and I are going to give him his fantasy. Are you game?” She asked. “Oh yes,” he replied. “Then help me get dressed.”

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Relationships And Confidence?

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Relationships And Confidence?

How to become more confident in a relationship and with a man is very important. Even though you may be a couple you still have to be your own person with your own opinions, thoughts, ideas and deserving of respect.

To often though women tend to lose themselves in their relationship or marriage.

Your partner and your relationship become your focus. You’re too busy doing everything and trying to please him. That’s NOT what men want. You’re overfunctioning and he’s withdrawing.

When this happens you have to stop, breathe and let go.

confident-woman-smileStart taking care of yourself again and begin to learn how to be confident and irresistible in a relationship

I know this all too well because this was where I once was. I lost knowing how to be confident in a relationship.

My self-esteem and confidence was very low after having our children. My relationship, partner and our children became my total focus and I lost “me.” I wasn’t doing anything for myself anymore and that’s where blame and resentment entered too. I felt like I was there for everyone else and didn’t even have a moment time for myself. I felt unappreciated and unworthy.

I was emotional, controlling and very unconfident.

3 Things Men Hate…

1. A too emotional woman

2. Being told what to do

3. A woman who is not confident in a relationship

My partner in return was controlling and rude to me and the battle with blame and hurting one another emotionally began. I knew we’d end up splitting from one another if this continued as we were both emotionally drained.

So I began reading…

How To Have The Relationship You Want,
The Woman Men Adore and
Magic Relationship Words.

“The 5 Rules You Have To Know On How To Become More Confident In A Relationship”

1. Pull back from your relationship

2. Stop overfunctioning

3. Express yourself with feeling messages

4. Take care of yourself again

5. Switch your thoughts about yourself from negative to positive

Let me explain more about how to become more confident in a relationship…

I pulled back by not telling my partner what to do. In return he let me be. I stopped constantly trying to please him and being needy. In return he started talking to me more and I felt more relaxed. Rather than walking on eggshells around him. In other words I stopped over functioning and began to get the love I want.

I expressed myself with feeling messages. I told him how I feel and what I like or don’t like. I still continue to tell him how I feel to this day. needy-womenWhether it be when I feel great about him or if he’s making me feel hurt. This had a huge turn around impact on our relationship. You can read more about feeling messages in my how to argue tips section.

I took care of myself again by doing more of what I like and what made me feel good and still do this. I joined the gym, got my hair done, spent more time catching up with my girlfriends, told myself everyday, “I am beautiful, confident and worthy.” And finally learnt how to handle conflicts with my partner and there by not lose my self-esteem.

Like magic my relationship began to change and I was learning how to become more confident in a relationship again.


You want to have the right kind of confidence

Too much confidence can come across as over dominating, too independent, arrogant and even cold. (Actually a fear of showing your vulnerable side) He’ll feel he can never do you anything right.

Too little confidence and you lose yourself, you’re emotional and too afraid to express your feelings and opinions. c6917675a9245a17cb47366f427ae84eConstantly trying to make him happy rather than yourself. He’s overwhelmed by your overfunctioning and begins to run for the hills.

The right kind of confidence is when you feel good about yourself. You aren’t afraid to express to him how you feel, to turn away from him if he’s misbehaving. To be vulnerable and show him your soft side. To give respect and expect it in return. To know you are the woman who you want to be.

“So Why Is Being Confident In A Relationship, With A Man And Having The Healthy Relationship You Want, Sometimes So Difficult?”

Well, because it’s fear you let get in the way

Fear of not being loved, fear of love and then potentially getting hurt, fear of intimacy, fear of not having the relationship or life you desire and fear of not communicating how you truly feel.

The change in you begins by taking the risk to change your old patterns and try something new. Step by step, day by day and get back on the highway of love once you’ve had some time out for yourself.

Whatever the situation you’re in, whether it be you want to get your marriage or relationship back on track, get your ex back or find Mr Right
you must take time out for yourself.

And yes you must do this even if you’re in a marriage or relationship.

You can turn yourself and even your relationship around
from being insecure to magnetic!

Find out here what men really find attractive in a woman.

“It’s Important When Your Thoughts Are Negative And Your Mood Is Low To Switch Your Thoughts To Positive Thoughts”

We all have moments when our self confidence wavers making us feeling discouraged and down. It’s normal.

The voice of negative chatter popping up in your head and being surrounded by negative people doesn’t help.

Even the most confident of people get in these scenarios. The trick here is to simply switch off.

The problem becomes when you can’t switch off and your mind becomes consumed with negative thoughts about yourself. It’s critical then to speak to your doctor and seek help.

If however, you just need a boost of confidence every now and then. Simply follow the steps I mentioned in this article and switch your negative thoughts to positive ones. You can learn to have unstoppable confidence so you can have the successful, happy, relationship and life you dersire. However you must take the action to do so.

You’ll be amazed how much more confident you’ll feel. Soon you’ll know how to be confident in a relationship and with your life in general and it will rub off on other women. Infact you’ll soon inspire and help other women. I can guarantee that! And they will begin to wonder what you’re secret to being irresistible is.

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Revealed: 6 Unique Masturbation Methods For Males

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Revealed: 6 Unique Masturbation Methods For Males

Masturbation is a natural and healthy thing. As men, we all indulge in it. However, as with the physical act of sexual intercourse, masturbation can turn out to be boring, even complacent if you are stuck in a rut with the traditional method i.e. hand-on-member. Therefore, if you are aching to try something new having fallen out of love with your lackluster routines, here are 5 unique masturbation methods for males as follows:

1. The Blow Job

If you wish to replicate the feeling of lips sliding over your penis, begin by lubing up your erection and holding the shaft in one hand while putting your dominant hand’s middle and index fingers together horizontally, palm toward the face, in front of your penis’s head. Then, put your penis head into the resultant gap between the fingers and ensure that the fingers are relaxed and not tense. Next, pull back and repeat this severally over the top third of your penis.

Feel how your fingers conform to the contours of the penis as they slide over the back and head. As you perform this technique, position your free hand behind the �lips’ that your fingers are making and squeeze and grip the head as you push your penis in.

2. Veggie melt

Select a zucchini, cucumber, or eggplant that is sufficiently larger than the size of your erect penis. Make a hole in the peel of whatever you choose that is similar in size to the base of your erect penis. Thereafter, make a hole in the pulp that is smaller than your erect penis (you can use a broom handle to make this hole). Once you are done, put the, say eggplant, in the microwave for about a minute in order to get it soft and a little warm but be careful not to cook it.

When you are certain that the inside is cool enough, put in some lube e.g. coconut oil and place the eggplant between two pillows and thrust away. You could lie on your back a you move the veggies back and forth on your erect shaft. Watermelon and cantaloupe are fruits that could also work well here.

3. Monkey Grip

This is a great technique for those who like to massage their scrotum with one hand as they masturbate with the other. If you are left-handed, instead of holding the scrotum from the right side, cross your wrists (right wrist on top) so that you are grabbing your scrotum from the left side. You may be forced to move your body slightly to the left to get the best position. If you are new to this, you are likely to feel as though someone else is holding your scrotum. To make this experience even better, as you masturbate with one hand, press your thumb and fingertips into the cracks between each thigh and the scrotum and gently massage those areas slowly and rhythmically.

4. Mattress love

Get bubble wrap, saran wrap, or a plastic sandwich baggie and put some lubricant inside. Next, put your penis in and make sure that it is fully lubricated by moving it around. Once you are done, kneel in front of your bed, lift up the mattress and put your shaft in, with the bubble wrap/baggie still inside, between the box spring and the mattress. Start thrusting in a manner similar to having sex. The best thing about this technique is that when you are done, there is no clean up as all you have to do is dispose the baggie and wipe yourself off.

5. Sock and condom

Find a condom that is a size bigger than your penis and fill the tip with water-based lube and water. Next, get your penis slippery and wet before sliding on the condom and getting rid of any air bubbles in the process. Unroll it fully ensuring that it has some excess at its end- it should be super-smooth and slide easily. sock and condomThereafter, get an elastic and soft sock and turn its open part inside out over where the toe should be. Carefully place it over your penis whilst ensuring that you maintain some slack at the condom’s end. Lie down on your bed, hold the pillows apart with one hand as you pull the sock down with the other and lie down. If you get the lubrication right, the slightest movement should make your penis slip one way or the other.

6. Sex Toys

These are by far the best option, however not free. You can get them at any sex shop and the price and quality vary a lot. You can get a cheap pocket pussy for as low as 15-20 $ or can get yourself a high tech bluetooth masturbator device like this one www.menstoyshub.com/masturbators/kiiroo-onyx-review for as high as 200 bucks. The sensations vary, the most expensive options are not always the best ones, however some of them offer handsfree experiences and those might actually take you to the moon!

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Welcome, dear friends!

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So my site is finally up again. Was so busy with my other stuff that blogging had to wait for a while. During my various other endevours it so happened that my super awesome portal with all my cool erotic poetry went down and I lost all my marvelous creations.

Well, guess this only leads us to a new start where we will be able to rock with a new and even more solid style!

Come back here often and I will try to make you lose your pants !



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