Is It Necessary to Use a Condom with an Escort

Depending on the nature of pleasure you want to achieve from the encounter, it is important that you play it safe all the time. Even though some sexual acts such as licking pussy or sucking a dick are considered low-risk sex, it is possible to get infections such as herpes this way. The one receiving the services is usually at a much lower risk. Thus, a professional escort knows what is right not to get herpes and other sexual infections through the acts. With the many years of experience in the field, professional charlotte action escorts find it safe to carry their condoms.

As a client, when you use a condom, you stay safe and protected from sexually transmitted infections. Knowing that the escorts have many sexual partners it is professional to use a condom. Sometimes you may not necessarily need an escort for sex. Companionship and someone who gives you an ear may be all you want. However, needs arise, and you realize you need more than that. Thus, it is always good to have a condom ready.

Knowing that you have one body, using a condom becomes a crucial aspect of the sex. A professional escort will use a condom even for oral sex. For the lady escorts, they first put the condom in their mouth and then slide it to the dick if the client wants oral sex. Giving a deep throat helps put the condom in its position and even without the guy noticing. Of course, you do not want to have everyone’s musky semen in your mouth. Sex with a professional escort is pleasurable. They know what thrills, what gives say a guy or a woman mind-blowing orgasm. The act of sliding on the condom to the dick is also pleasurable itself.

There are various condoms to use; also they are differently scented to set the clients on the moods. A professional escort knows what type of condom to use to make the act pleasurable and nostalgic. Also, they want to retain their clients, and so, they would not risk unsafe sex whereby they will put their clients at risk of infections. Thus, I would consider it wise that if you are planning to have unprotected sex, it must be with a partner. Unprotected sex with escorts can put you and your partner at risk too. Hence, if you are committed to someone, ensure that your sexual encounters with the escorts are protected. Even though some escorts will forgo their health for a higher bid, you should remain mindful of your health.

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