Revealed: 6 Unique Masturbation Methods For Males

Masturbation is a natural and healthy thing. As men, we all indulge in it. However, as with the physical act of sexual intercourse, masturbation can turn out to be boring, even complacent if you are stuck in a rut with the traditional method i.e. hand-on-member. Therefore, if you are aching to try something new having fallen out of love with your lackluster routines, here are 5 unique masturbation methods for males as follows:

1. The Blow Job

If you wish to replicate the feeling of lips sliding over your penis, begin by lubing up your erection and holding the shaft in one hand while putting your dominant hand’s middle and index fingers together horizontally, palm toward the face, in front of your penis’s head. Then, put your penis head into the resultant gap between the fingers and ensure that the fingers are relaxed and not tense. Next, pull back and repeat this severally over the top third of your penis.

Feel how your fingers conform to the contours of the penis as they slide over the back and head. As you perform this technique, position your free hand behind the �lips’ that your fingers are making and squeeze and grip the head as you push your penis in.

2. Veggie melt

Select a zucchini, cucumber, or eggplant that is sufficiently larger than the size of your erect penis. Make a hole in the peel of whatever you choose that is similar in size to the base of your erect penis. Thereafter, make a hole in the pulp that is smaller than your erect penis (you can use a broom handle to make this hole). Once you are done, put the, say eggplant, in the microwave for about a minute in order to get it soft and a little warm but be careful not to cook it.

When you are certain that the inside is cool enough, put in some lube e.g. coconut oil and place the eggplant between two pillows and thrust away. You could lie on your back a you move the veggies back and forth on your erect shaft. Watermelon and cantaloupe are fruits that could also work well here.

3. Monkey Grip

This is a great technique for those who like to massage their scrotum with one hand as they masturbate with the other. If you are left-handed, instead of holding the scrotum from the right side, cross your wrists (right wrist on top) so that you are grabbing your scrotum from the left side. You may be forced to move your body slightly to the left to get the best position. If you are new to this, you are likely to feel as though someone else is holding your scrotum. To make this experience even better, as you masturbate with one hand, press your thumb and fingertips into the cracks between each thigh and the scrotum and gently massage those areas slowly and rhythmically.

4. Mattress love

Get bubble wrap, saran wrap, or a plastic sandwich baggie and put some lubricant inside. Next, put your penis in and make sure that it is fully lubricated by moving it around. Once you are done, kneel in front of your bed, lift up the mattress and put your shaft in, with the bubble wrap/baggie still inside, between the box spring and the mattress. Start thrusting in a manner similar to having sex. The best thing about this technique is that when you are done, there is no clean up as all you have to do is dispose the baggie and wipe yourself off.

5. Sock and condom

Find a condom that is a size bigger than your penis and fill the tip with water-based lube and water. Next, get your penis slippery and wet before sliding on the condom and getting rid of any air bubbles in the process. Unroll it fully ensuring that it has some excess at its end- it should be super-smooth and slide easily. sock and condomThereafter, get an elastic and soft sock and turn its open part inside out over where the toe should be. Carefully place it over your penis whilst ensuring that you maintain some slack at the condom’s end. Lie down on your bed, hold the pillows apart with one hand as you pull the sock down with the other and lie down. If you get the lubrication right, the slightest movement should make your penis slip one way or the other.

6. Sex Toys

These are by far the best option, however not free. You can get them at any sex shop and the price and quality vary a lot. You can get a cheap pocket pussy for as low as 15-20 $ or can get yourself a high tech bluetooth masturbator device like this one for as high as 200 bucks. The sensations vary, the most expensive options are not always the best ones, however some of them offer handsfree experiences and those might actually take you to the moon!

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